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The book, as most would already know, is the autobiography of Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi a.k.a. Mahatama Gandhi. The book revolves around his childhood, teenage years and youth, the period when a person forms his/her beliefs.

His dietetic experiments, stubborn vegetarianism, religious and spiritual beliefs and most important of all his development into a stubborn crank.
Yellow - it is ironical that a person with as much depth in thought as Adolf Hitler had, has become one of the most hated personalities of the world. Read Mein Kampf and you'd know what we are talking about. And if you've read it you'll find the thought process of one of the most iconic figures ever born on the planet to be shallow, very shallow.

Unless you've some interest in knowing how M K Gandhi thought and what his opinions about various things were and the context in which he said some of his various misquoted statements you'd find this book to be pathetically uninteresting. And that being the case you'd prefer to read the ramblings of some pretty missy next door or that of some cricketer or musician written on their blogs.

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Please note: This review was originally published in 2010.

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