Who Moved My Cheese?: An amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life By Dr. Spencer Johnson >> Review and Free preview

Non-Fiction, Business, Self-development, Change Management


The Book
Four rats work in four different ways to find their cheese. The book is about the attitude that different people have towards change.

The rats represent four broad types of people - and, point out for us what the right attitude should be and the difference that having the right attitude can make.
Green - though on a personal note I may not agree with the philosophy of the author entirely, I must confess that the book is exceptionally well written. Short, pacy, simple language, message conveyed clearly - a book that even dummies could read. 

But, that said, it is not a book for dummies, the author makes an excellent point about the attitude of people towards change, and so it is useful for those who are exposed to the change and those who carry the burden of carrying it. Most human beings are both. And that's the best part about this book - every human being would find it relevant - both in personal and professional lives.

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Please note: This review was originally published in 2010.

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