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The Book
The book is the story of Sai, a teenage girl living with her Grandfather, a retired judge. It is also about the people around her, the environment around her. Her parents died in a car accident in Russia after which she was delivered to her grandfather in a small town near Darjeeling, India.

The book is about the losses that she faces, the losses that her grandfather has faced, the losses that her parents faced. The losses faced by their dog Mutt and the cook and his son Biju. The losses faced by the people around them Gyan, Father Booty,Uncle Potty, Mrs Sen, Lola, Noni and their Cat Mustafa, the villagers, the drunkard and his family, all the illegal migrants to the US and so many others. It is about the losses faced by the people living in Cho Oyu and Mona Ami, in Darjeeling, in the whole Country and in the whole world.
Green - the book is dark, and solemn (even with the elements of dark humor) it contains, even with the romance of Gyan and Sai. Read it if you have lost something, read it if you haven't - just to get to know how it feels like!!

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