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Sims' Symptoms in the Mind - An Introduction to Descriptive Psychopathology by Andrew Sims and Femi Oyebode >> Book review and free preview

Rating Green

Genre Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry

Publisher Elsevier
The Book As the name suggests the book introduces the reader to the various concepts of descriptive psychopathology. The coverage is sufficiently comprehensive for a reader desirous of getting introduced to psychopathology.

Comments For a book that is 100% content, this is quite easy to read. The theories are explained so well that it is easy for the reader to understand the most arcane of concepts related to psychology presented in the book.

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The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry >> Book review and free preview

Rating Yellow

Genre Moral Allegory, Fiction

Publisher Wordsworth
The Book The book presents the story of a pilot who is left stranded after his plane crashed into the Sahara. He awakes to the sound of a little 'prince' who, he discovers in the course of his conversations, has done a lot of inter-planetary travel in the search of a solution to a problem on his planet.

In the book 'The Little Prince' recounts his meetings with various people and the learnings from them.

Comments The book is very short and very easy to read. However, it can be read at multiple levels of abstraction. So anyone from a 6 year old kid to his 60 year old grandfather would find this worth a read. It has some nice philosophical thoughts packed in great one-liners.

Yellow - because somehow I don't have the feeling that this is a  book I would recommend to many people.

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Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media >> Book review and free preview

Rating Green
Genre Non-Fiction, Media, Propaganda, Mass Communications, Politics, Social Psychology
Publisher Pantheon Books
The Book In the book, the authors put forward their 'Propaganda Theory' in which they outline the dangerous possibility of political parties controlling the mass media to move public opinions in their favor being a real scenario. In fact, not a scenario, but an everyday occurrence.

They present numerous data backed examples of how the effect of the media control is visible in the various attributes of communication used by the media. Of how the public opinion has been swayed to align with the goals of the state - to the extent of getting support for acts that no person would willingly, in his/her sane mind, approve of. They discuss how some of the events of the past may be interpreted very differently when looked at in an objective and neutral fact-based manner. (Did US really lose the Vietnam war?)

Comments The book is heavy with lots of facts and figures. …

The Mckinsey Way: Using The Techniques Of The World's Top Strategic Consultants To Help You and Your Business >> Book review and free preview

Rating Green
Genre Non-Fiction, Business, Management Consulting, Company Profile
Publisher McGraw Hill Professional
The Book The book is written by a former McKinsey consultant, who attempts to document the learnings from his period at 'The Firm' to share it with the world. He shares the way McKinsey works (as the name suggests) covering:

The way McKinsey thinks about business problemsThe way McKinsey works to solve business problemsThe way McKinsey sells solutions After this he moves on to discussing how to survive at McKinsey and what the life after McKinsey is like.

Comments The book is short (less than 200 pages) and easy to read (well-structured and simple English). If you are part of the corporate world or are planning to join it some day - you'll find this book very useful (irrespective of industry preference).

Gets a Green for a super-high insights/pages ratio!
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