The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian Culture, History and Identity by Amartya Sen >> Book review and Free preview

The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian Culture, History and Identity


Non-Fiction, History

Amartya Sen

Penguin Books

The Book:
The Argumentative Indian is a collection of essays on topics very close to most Indians' hearts - Freedom of Speech, Unity of India, Culture, Communication, Politics, Secularism and the Indian Identity. It looks at how India evolved into what it is now, and discusses how and why India stands for different things for different Indians.

This book is the history of Modern India from a very unusual perspective - great enhancement to the knowledge about India, even about some well known matters as they are seen from a different perspective. I was left a bit dissatisfied with a very 'Bengali' take presented in the book, as the author missed on some critical pieces of history from other parts of India that would have bolstered some of the points that he presents - ex: the democratic and idiosyncratic nature of the Sikh Empire (Sarkar-i-khalsa). However, there is sheer brilliance in the points that he mentions and the facts that he brings forth in the book - making it a must read for anyone who wants to understand India and Indians better.

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