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Games Indians Play: Why we are the way we are

V. RaghunathanPublisher:
Penguin Books IndiaISBN:
ISBN-13: 978-0-67099-940-8
ISBN-10: 0-67099-940-7The Book:
The book is applied Game Theory. The basic concepts of Prisoner's Dilemma and iterative Prisoner's Dilemma have been applied to everyday scenarios in India in an effort to understand the behavior of Indians- perhapsthe most intelligent people in the world.The author talks about the best strategy to deal with the dilemma, about competition and cooperation, and most importantly about India amongst other things.My Comments:
The author does a commendable job in bringing forth the idea. But it seems that his experiences with his fellow Indians have never been pleasant for there is hardly any mention of such experiences. The worst part is the generalisation - you constantly come across sentences starting with words like - "Every single indian" and not ending saying pleasant things.Though, I'm not an expert in the field(even though …

Beat the Street: Investment Banking Interviews

Self-Help Book(Interview Preparation)Author:
WebFeet TeamPublisher:
WetFeet Inc.ISBN:
1-58207-248-5The Book:
The book is a guide to preparation for the entire investment banking profile selection process. It goes through the entire process briefly. The main focus of the book, as the name suggests, is on interviews. And so, it covers them in detail. The book also briefly explains the various technical concepts that you may need to know.My Comments:
Well structured. Easy to read. No unnecessary advertisements of personal philosophies, though, the book is sprinkled with several personal experiences.At the same time, I feel, this book may be more suitable for candidates in the western countries especially, US and UK and not so much for those in the eastern countries. In any case, it does give a good insight into the process. And nothing more. The book is not comprehensive. It may be used as a primer, while beginning the preparation.