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Not A Nice Man To Know: The best of Khushwant Singh

Anthology(Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories, Jokes etc.)Author:
Khushwant Singh, Edited by Nandini MehtaPublisher:
Penguin BooksISBN:
978-0-140-12428-6The Book:
An anthology consisting of the various well known works of Khushwant Singh. It contains some paragraphs written by him about himself, articles, translations, excerpts from his non-fiction and fiction pieces, a play and various jokes.My Comments:
Khushwant Singh is the most well known Journalist-Author that this country has ever produced. He has his own uncanny style of telling things that leaves the reader completely mesmerised. And this book containing bits and pieces of some of the most brilliant works of this man leaves the reader yearning for more.