Rich Dad, Poor Dad


Motivational, Finance

Robert T. Kiyosaki

Warner Books

The Book:
The book is about making money. It is entirely about just one thing, that poor are poor because of their mentality and nothing else. And similarly, rich are rich because of their mentality, their approach towards finances, towards money!

The author tells about how his attitude towards money developed, how he learned from the clashing opinions of his two fathers the educated one(real father) and the rich one(his friend's father) and in the process gives various lessons on making money that his rich dad had given to him.

The focus of the book is not on telling where opportunities to invest lie, but on telling what the mind-set of an investor should be if he wants to get rich.

My Comments:
Even though I am not one of those people who live to earn money, I found the book pretty good. The arguments presented in the book are majorly logical.

It might serve as a good motivational piece for those who are interested in investing but are scared because of the risks involved.

If  you are looking for some investment tips or on the other hand if you are looking for a novel, this is not the right book for you.

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