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Not A Nice Man To Know: The best of Khushwant Singh

Anthology(Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories, Jokes etc.)Author:
Khushwant Singh, Edited by Nandini MehtaPublisher:
Penguin BooksISBN:
978-0-140-12428-6The Book:
An anthology consisting of the various well known works of Khushwant Singh. It contains some paragraphs written by him about himself, articles, translations, excerpts from his non-fiction and fiction pieces, a play and various jokes.My Comments:
Khushwant Singh is the most well known Journalist-Author that this country has ever produced. He has his own uncanny style of telling things that leaves the reader completely mesmerised. And this book containing bits and pieces of some of the most brilliant works of this man leaves the reader yearning for more.

Traders, Guns & Money: Knowns and unknowns in the dazzling world of derivatives

Satyajit DasPublisher:
Prentice Hall - Financial TimesISBN:
-10: 0-273-70474-5The Book:
The book is a story of the derivatives industry. The evolution of the industry into its current form has been charted. In the process of doing so the author has discussed all major innovations in the industry, their advantages and disadvantages. He discusses the theoretical development (models etc) related to the industry.Also discussed are the various disasters that have happened in the global financial industry.My Comments:
My first inside look at the derivatives industry so can't comment on how true the apocryphal stories in the book are. But if you are someone who has the slightest interest in the industry this is a must read for you. The author seems to be someone totally frustrated with the industry as such and maybe this frustration is what has resulted in this masterpiece. The concepts…

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Motivational, FinanceAuthor:
Robert T. KiyosakiPublisher:
Warner BooksThe Book:
The book is about making money. It is entirely about just one thing, that poor are poor because of their mentality and nothing else. And similarly, rich are rich because of their mentality, their approach towards finances, towards money!The author tells about how his attitude towards money developed, how he learned from the clashing opinions of his two fathers the educated one(real father) and the rich one(his friend's father) and in the process gives various lessons on making money that his rich dad had given to him.The focus of the book is not on telling where opportunities to invest lie, but on telling what the mind-set of an investor should be if he wants to get rich.My Comments:
Even though I am not one of those people who live to earn money, I found the book pretty good. The arguments presented in the book are majorly logical. It might serve …

Gods and Goddesses in Greek Mythology


Michelle M Houle

Enslow Publishers, USA

A small approx 130 page primer to Greek mythology, it introduces the reader to the Greek gods and goddesses and some of the plethora of mythological stories related to them.

Easy to read and comprehend, well written. I would not dare to comment on the verity of the contents being a novice as far as Greek Mythology is concerned, atleast right now I am.

Those who would like to know more about Greek Mythology and those who are interested in the Etymology of words like narcissism, echo etc read on!!!

The Inheritance Of Loss

Kiran DesaiPublisher:
PenguinISBN: 0-14-310122-6Genre:
The book is the story of Sai, a teenage girl living with her Grandfather, a retired judge. It is also about the people around her, the environment around her. Her parents died in a car accident in Russia after which she was delivered to her grandfather in a small town near Darjeeling, India.The book is about the losses that she faces, the losses that her grandfather has faced, the losses that her parents faced. The losses faced by their dog Mutt and the cook and his son Biju. The losses faced by the people around them Gyan, Father Booty,Uncle Potty, Mrs Sen, Lola, Noni and their Cat Mustafa, the villagers, the drunkard and his family, all the illegal migrants to the US and so many others. It is about the losses faced by the people living in Cho Oyu and Mona Ami, in Darjeeling, in the whole Country and in the whole world.Comments:
The book is dark, too serious (even with the elements of dark humor) it contains, eve…

SECRETS OF RELATIONSHIPS - Talks by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Vyakti Vikas Kendra, India - Publication Division


Philosophy, Life, Self-Help, Motivational

This book(let) is a compilation of talks given by Ravi Shankar, one of the most revered spiritual gurus of the country. The book mainly consists of his talks about interpersonal relationships, about how to improve your relationships with the people around you, about how to make them successful. He talks about how to get maximum satisfaction from your relationships and how to ensure that the other person gets the maximum satisfaction from the relationship.

He also talks about various issues like homosexuality and gay marriages, about the change that comes in relationships, about the tendency of people to generalize things. He talks specifically about how to maintain your relationships with your teenage children and students and the elderly in your homes.

Towards the end he answers various questions that are asked by the people present in the congregation. Sensible ans…

THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI - A Fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny

Robin S Sharma


Motivational, Fiction, Self-Help

One of the most successful lawyers in the country, Julian Mantle, suffers a heart attack in the middle of a buzzing courtroom. His deteriorated health, emotional turmoil and his work related worries had finally taken a toll on him. His closest aide, John(the narrator), just stands there watching, unable to move. He refuses to meet John or attend his calls. The next thing that everyone comes to know is that he has decided to sell everything, including his Red Ferrari, and go to the East.

John continues with his life. He tries to find out about Julian but the only thing that he comes to know is that he is somewhere in India.

One fine day, a young vibrant young man walks into John's office. It was only when he heard is voice and his laugh that he realised that it was Julian. Julian told him about his journey. His travel to various parts of the country and how he found the Sages of Sivana in the foothills of the Himalaya…