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The McKinsey Engagement: A Powerful Toolkit For More Efficient & Effective Team Problem Solving by Paul N. Friga >> Book review and free preview

Rating Green
Genre Non-Fiction, Business, Management Consulting, Company Profile
Publisher Tata McGraw-Hill
The Book This is the third book in the McKinsey trilogy by McGraw-Hill after The McKinsey Way and The McKinsey Mind. It is written by Paul N. Friga, a former McKinsey consultant, and co-author of The McKinsey Mind. As in the previous two books, this book is also an attempt to document the learnings from his period at The Firm to share it with the world. He also reached out to several other alumni of the Firm to get their inputs and also included the inputs from a real-life 'engagement' by his students.
This book is purported to be a field guide which takes the insights shared in the earlier books to an operational level. The book is structured around Paul's own framework TEAM FOCUS:
TEAM: This stands for Talk, Evaluate, Assist and MotivateFOCUS: This stands for Frame, Organise, Collect, Understand, and Synthesise In the end, he also shares the application of the model in…