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Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation By Lynne Truss >> Book review and Free preview

Rating Green

Genre Language, English, Grammar

Publisher Fourth Estate
The Book The book, as the subtitle suggests, is about the nuances of punctuation. What differentiates it from the average grammar book though is that it is not one - it does not cover grammar comprehensively, it focuses on the finer nuances of using punctuation marks that are typically missed/or get lost somewhere in all the content in the grammar books, and it is full of (attempted) humour.

The punctuation marks it focuses on include the Apostrophe, the Period, the Comma, the Colon and the Semi-Colon, the Brackets, the Dash, the Hyphen. And, a few others in guest appearances.

Comments This book is written for an average English-speaking person - the author has written in colloquial conversational English, not boring technical language. I see it as no more than an extended chapter on punctuation. However, a very useful one at that.

If you've been confused by the finer nuances of sentence construction involving the u…

Flow - The classic work on how to achieve happiness by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi >> Book review and Free preview

Rating Green

Genre Psychology, Self-Development

Publisher The Random House Group (Rider Books)
The Book The book, as the name suggests, is about Flow - the concept of optimal experience postulated by the author in the course of his career in the area of human psychology. The book starts with a discussion about happiness and consciousness which lays the foundation for the ensuing discussion on Enjoyment and Flow. After which it moves onto discussing the impact and application of flow in daily lives of different people, and, how you can achieve flow (and happiness) yourself.

Comments This book is written for lay beings and the author has made sure that it is written in colloquial English. The plethora of actual cases discussed in the text keep the book engaging (and add credibility - the book is based on actual research work, not random opinions). Though there are parts where you might feel that the book could be a bit 'crisper'.

The content is relevant for all human beings. If bein…

Kalarippayattu - The Complete Guide To Kerala's Ancient Martial Art by Chirakkal T. Sreedharan Nair >> Book review

Rating Green
Genre Non-Fiction, Martial Arts, Kalarippayattu
Publisher Westland Books
The Book Kalarippayattu is amongst the most ancient martial arts in the world. It is believed to be the mother of most martial art systems that exist globally, especially the ones in Asia. The book is a detailed guide-book on Kalarippayattu.

The book starts with an introduction of Kalaripayyattu, before moving into an overview of the styles, commands and practice of the art. The next section covers the body exercises to help reach the level of physical fitness required.

After this we get straight into the martial arts training, with chapters on:

Kolethaarippayattu: Exercises with wooden weaponsKettukaarippayattu: Exercises with the long staffMuchaan Payattu: Exercises with the short staffOtta Payattu: Exercises with the Otta batonAngathaari: Exercises with sharp weaponsValppayattu: Exercises with the sword and the shieldMara Pitichu Kuntha Payattu: Exercises with sword-shield and spearVerumkai: Technique…

The McKinsey Engagement: A Powerful Toolkit For More Efficient & Effective Team Problem Solving by Paul N. Friga >> Book review and free preview

Rating Green
Genre Non-Fiction, Business, Management Consulting, Company Profile
Publisher Tata McGraw-Hill
The Book This is the third book in the McKinsey trilogy by McGraw-Hill after The McKinsey Way and The McKinsey Mind. It is written by Paul N. Friga, a former McKinsey consultant, and co-author of The McKinsey Mind. As in the previous two books, this book is also an attempt to document the learnings from his period at The Firm to share it with the world. He also reached out to several other alumni of the Firm to get their inputs and also included the inputs from a real-life 'engagement' by his students.
This book is purported to be a field guide which takes the insights shared in the earlier books to an operational level. The book is structured around Paul's own framework TEAM FOCUS:
TEAM: This stands for Talk, Evaluate, Assist and MotivateFOCUS: This stands for Frame, Organise, Collect, Understand, and Synthesise In the end, he also shares the application of the model in…

The McKinsey Mind: Understanding and Implementing the Problem-Solving Tools and Management Techniques of the World's Top Strategic Consulting Firm by Ethan M. Rasiel and Paul N. Friga >> Book review and free preview

Rating Green
Genre Non-Fiction, Business, Management Consulting, Company Profile
Publisher McGraw Hill Professional
The Book The book is written by two former McKinsey consultants who attempt to document the learnings from their period at 'The Firm' to share it with the world. They also reached out to several other alumni of the Firm to get their inputs as well.
They share how 'the McKinsey Mind' works (as the name suggests) pivoted around a 'Strategic Problem Solving' model. In this book, they focus on the following elements of the model.:

Analysing: This includes Framing, Designing, Gathering and InterpretingPresenting: This includes Structure and Buy-InManaging: This includes Team, Client and SelfComments Just like its predecessor 'The McKinsey Way' this book is short (around 200 pages) and easy to read (well-structured and simple English). If you are part of the corporate world or are planning to join it some day - you'll find this book very useful …

The Minto Pyramid Principle - Logic in Writing, Thinking and Problem Solving by Barbara Minto >> Book review

Rating Green

Genre Business, Communication, Logic, Thinking, Problem Solving, Presentation

Publisher Minto International Inc.
The Book This book presents Barbara Minto's theory on efficient and effective communication based on the simple to understand pyramid principle. She starts with establishing a connection to the psychological theories of Miller around Span of Attention. After which she explains the pyramid structure and how to use it.

She covers how logic flows into pyramid and how 'pyramid thinking' can make you more effective. She also covers the application of pyramid principle to problem solving before ending with the most important of it all how to use pyramid principle in presenting.

Comments For a book that is technical, this is very easy to read (no surprise considering this is a book on effective communication!). It is replete with examples - in fact, almost all the content is explained with their help. The content is extremely useful - applicable in day to day …

Sims' Symptoms in the Mind - An Introduction to Descriptive Psychopathology by Andrew Sims and Femi Oyebode >> Book review and free preview

Rating Green

Genre Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry

Publisher Elsevier
The Book As the name suggests the book introduces the reader to the various concepts of descriptive psychopathology. The coverage is sufficiently comprehensive for a reader desirous of getting introduced to psychopathology.

Comments For a book that is 100% content, this is quite easy to read. The theories are explained so well that it is easy for the reader to understand the most arcane of concepts related to psychology presented in the book.

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